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Founded in 1973 by Mr. Siddiq Polani (Late) and incorporated in 1980, Polani’s (Pvt.) Ltd., in the course of more than four decades, has made a name for itself as a brand, signifying quality and reliability, a benchmark for people wishingto travel in fullfreedom and at the same time be able to rely on constant and discreet assistance. Operating successfully in the medium-high end of the market, Polani Travels Group, since the day of its inception, has won the trust of an exclusive and highly demanding customer base. 1. From those modest beginnings, Polani Travels Group of Companies, under the dynamic leadership of its Chairman Muhammad Tariq Polani, a travel industry veteran and an ambitious entrepreneur with over 48 years of experience, grew leaps and bounds in a very short span of time and has transformed into a Travel Management Company (TMC), with focus on technology driven solutions for its customers across all segments, worldwide.

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