Travel Management

Polifly Travels offers comprehensive business travel solutions, including Visas, Air tickets, Hotels, Rides, Protocol services, Airport lounges, and more. Our customizable services ensure the right fit for your organization's needs.

Benefit from a dedicated resource with a Polifly travel consultant on-site, managing your travel program for peace of mind.

Enjoy 24/7 support from our state-of-the-art call center, staffed with experienced travel consultants.

Integrate corporate booking tools for online booking within company policy guidelines. Our consultants make bookings only after proper approval, ensuring compliance with your travel policy.

Travel Consultancy

Polifly Travels offers comprehensive travel program optimization services to enhance your travel program's efficiency and effectiveness.

Engage our travel program consultants to review your program, develop an end-to-end strategic plan, and assist in its implementation.

Benefit from our expertise in Travel Policy development, leveraging insights from various organizations to draft or enhance your policy with industry best practices.

Utilize benchmarking data to measure your program's performance and set future goals.

Receive customized reporting solutions tailored to your specific reporting requirements, including insights into policy non-compliance instances.

Embrace change management with Polifly Travels, as we provide presentations and training services for management and employees, promoting innovation and maximizing the benefits of your travel policy.

Auditor of the company

External Auditor

Polifly Travels engages the services of an external auditing firm as its external auditors. This firm ensures fiscal compliance and oversees registration with relevant tax authorities, including large taxpayer units. Polifly Travels is steadfast in its commitment to upholding local laws and regulations, abiding by its internal code of conduct, and adhering to the provisions of the US Money Laundering Act. As an integral part of a network, Polifly Travels prioritizes data privacy. Annual audits for data security and information security are conducted, bolstering the company's efforts in safeguarding sensitive information. Additionally, rigorous training programs are implemented to educate employees on data protection practices.

Internal Auditor

Polifly Travels places great emphasis on robust internal controls as a cornerstone of its corporate governance structure. In line with this, the company's Board of Directors has established an independent Internal Audit function. This function reports directly to the Chairman of the Audit Committee and receives necessary support from the Chief Executive Officer.


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Board of Directors